Why Germany?


German is a hard language to learn. In order to work successfully as a nurse you have to be fluent in German. Learning this language is challenging but worth the effort because:

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  • Germany is beautiful
  • Germany is safe
  • Germany offers a secure employment
  • No worry about unemployment anymore
  • Elderly care is the no. 1 growing branch in Germany
  • There are lot of career-opportunities








Additionally a lot of social care services are included

  • Health insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Retirement insurance
  • Between 24 and 30 days paid holiday per year
  • Different saving plans with tax advantages



Germany as a country offers

  • Excellent health-system
  • Security (you can walk around everywhere without danger)
  • Perfect infrastructure
  • Very good schools and universities
  • Everything is well organized and clean
  • Open culture with a high percentage of people from all over the world (multi-cultural)
  • High quality and reasonably priced food
  • In general a high standard of living


As you can see, it is worth the effort. Germany welcomes you and europcare helps you in building up a new, nice and save life in Germany.

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