Application and working contract




In first step we only need your CV and your diplom of nursing. Then we make a first check if you are suitable for our program.




After that we talk with you by telephone or video-call. You will receive detailled information about the actual project and we check together if it fits for you.




You will close a contract with us in order to give us the ability to search a job for you. There will be no costs for you for our work.

Next you will close a working contract with an employer in Germany. This means, before you start language course you will already have a contract for your job in Germany.




There are two possiblities for a working contract depending on your preferences:


1. Working contract with an employer who is an elderly care home, ambulant service or hospital. This is the standard way.


2. Working contract with europcare. We work as an employer for temporary workers and will send you in this case to different elderly care homes, ambulant services or hospitals.


The advantage of option 2 is, that you will receive more salary and have a chance to get acquainted with different other employers. There will be a special training for you in the first three months of staying in Germany to prepare you for this job-opportunity. You will have an unlimited contract with europcare, but from our experience we know that after 9-12 months normally you change to one of the employers you have worked with (also with an unlimited contract then).


Attention: We have only very limited availability with option 2. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.



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